We'd like to help you, as a visitor or venue owner, wherever we can. We're ready to help and we'll do our best to respond to your question or request as soon as possible.

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Fast, privacy-focused visitor registration
What do you do exactly?
Covisitor takes over the registrationduty and the by now well-known healthcheck conversation. Meaning we will collect and store your visitors' data, as well as that we ask the visitor about his or her health. You can turn the healthcheck option on or off yourself.
What happens if I register more than 300 visits per month?
At first, nothing. We will send you an email asking if you want to upgrade to a (paid) subscription. If you go over 300 visitors per month without upgrading for more than two months consecutively, you're given the option to cancel or upgrade your account. Do you have an active subscription? All additional visits will be billed based on usage.
Why is Covisitor not free?
We understand that the current pandemic might not be conducive to your financial situation, but we want to be able to guarantee the security of your visitors' data. That's why we think we ask a reasonable price. This enables us to never have to do anything shady with the data we store.
How long will it take before I can start?
If you register today, you can register your first visitors today. In fact, you will be up and running within five minutes! After you have created an account and a venue, you can choose to print QR codes yourself (we generate these for you). You can also order stickers.
Fast, privacy-focused visitor registration
Do you do special pricing for non-profits?
Absolutely! All non-profit organisations can get in touch to get access to a completely free Covisitor account. No need for paying if you're just here for non-profit. We're happy to help.
What about my visitors' data?
We only store your visitors' data -securely- for 15 days. After that, all their data will be automatically deleted. As a venue owner, you don't have to worry about any of this, we do this for you. You can read more about privacy here.
Why is there no cookie notice?
Covisitor never shows (web)visitors a cookie notice, simply because we don't have to! We only use functional cookies. You can read more about cookies and privacy on our privacy and cookie page. Who likes those obscure popups anyway?