Fast, privacy-focused visitor registration.

Since governments require most public places to register who's visited (thanks Covid-19), we've decided to build a tool that helps you do this.

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Visitor Registration

A better way to register who's visited

No more random collections of paper stacks containing sensitive (identifiable) data just lying around.

  • Fast (5 second) visit registration

    Enable visitors to quickly register their visit by scanning a QR code. They can create an account so registering literally takes less than 5 seconds.

  • No hidden fees

    We believe we're asking a fair price, so you can be sure we don't have to do shady business. We don't sell data or do business with data-hungry companies like Facebook.

  • Privacy first

    As a venue-owner, you (or anyone with access to your account) will never see visitor data. You'll just see a visitor count (per day, week or month). Data is automatically deleted within 15 days.

  • Auto-Notify / CSV Export

    If there's ever a need to notify visitors, we'll handle everything. Enter a day and time, based on which we will notify your visitors. We'll also provide data exports to authorities if needed.

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